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Health - Introduction Page

Health…Just a state of Mind?

The word health is defined in the oxford dictionary as the state of being well in body and mind.

What does this mean to you?

I asked a few friends to tell me what they associated with the word health and they threw the following back at me;

Eating well…exercising…Mental and physical well being…Vitality…Fruit and vegetables…Well being clinic…Not smoking…Eating correct food…Drinking water…Regular exercise…Being happy… walking…feeling good…looking well…Glowing…Energy…Lifestyle…well functioning body…5 a day…full of beans…fitness…eat lots of veggies and fruit…positive thinking…healthy eating

Wow, health means different things to different people in a positive way.  I like what the words stand for and how they make me feel. Be it a run in the park or eating my 5 portions of fruit and vegetables these are actions make me feel healthy; put me in a state of well being…in body and in mind.

And so the questions I want to ask you are;

Do you feel well? In your body? In your mind?

Because if you don’t then I urge you to reconsider…as you may be missing out on one of life’s greatest secrets…that actually living a healthy lifestyle isn’t actually boring or hard work…but the key to unlocking not only feeling and looking great, but making your life a long and happy one.

And if you need any more persuasion then consider this;

Coronary heart disease kills more than 110,000 people in England every year.

Coronary heart disease is a preventable disease

Isn’t it about time you took your health seriously?

So if you are ready to make some changes then Enjoy Healthy Living can help. We have the tools, the advice, the support and help you need. Help us to help you.

Invest in the future and Enjoy Healthy Living!