Enjoy Healthy Living

Healthy Eating


The food choices we make are established in childhood and developed from food preferences based on smell, taste, colour and texture as we experience different foods. There are a whole range of other factors which influence what foods we eat and when we eat including work, socialising and religion.

The Eatwell Guide to Healthy Living

We shall focus on the health benefits a balanced, nutritious diet will provide, whilst outlining the health conditions which can be prevented as a result.

Poor diet is largely due to habit and lifestyle. Eating when you are not hungry, taking the easy option of choosing convenience foods or eating fast foods regularly, even when it is so easy to prepare a meal from fresh produce. (link to cooking)

There is no quick fix in working towards a healthier diet, you will need to be prepared to make some changes to your lifestyle and plan the foods you eat, but the health, energy and confidence benefits in your new lifestyle are enormous. (link to food cupboard)

Take the time to look after yourself, there´s only you that can do this for yourself and your family!

The Government 5 A Day logo has been refreshed and the criteria for use on smoothie products has changed to accommodate the new advice. (Images of these two logos below).